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  • Odd Jobs- furniture or toy assembly, help moving, clean gutters, hanging pictures or electronics, etc. 
  • Repairs and Maintenance- tile or laminate floors, patching walls, painting, light plumbing and electrical, door installation or repair, etc.
  • Concrete- I am able to prep and pour small concrete jobs, including some decorative options, as well as repair and resurface damaged concrete

If you're not quite sure if you should call about your project...just make the call.  If I'm not able to get it done, I might know someone who can.
  • Furniture assembly or moving​
  • General mainenance- changing light bulbs, repairing walls and floors, minor plumbing repairs, general carentry, etc.
  • Apartment building maintenance
  • Tenant turnovers

Why pay to have someone on staff when you can just arrange with me to service your facilities.  I can arrange pricing to best suite your business needs. Hourly rates, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service plans can all be discussed.  Just give me a call and see if I can help you.